Design office and Test laboratory

Design office working on reducing noise and vibrations & Test laboratory

Noise – vibrations – condition-based maintenance

Expertise control and diagnosis

Expertise, control and diagnosis

Noise – vibrations – Infrared thermography – ultrasound …

An experienced team

An experienced team of technicians and engineers reactive and mobile.



Mechanical and electrical maintenance – Health and safety – R&D – Engineering  – logistics….

Dynamic expertise

A multidisciplinary experts team in the service of industrials

Analysis and expertise

Specialist in the fields of noise, vibrations and condition-based maintenance, our experts provide acoustic and vibration studies and also measurements and diagnostic for your equipment.
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Control and diagnosis

Control and diagnosis

Our teams put their expertise at your disposal for the implemnattion of your condition-based maintenance and carry out your regulatory compliance checks.
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Our test laboratory is equiped to carry vibration, environmental and acoustic tests of your materials.
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Training organisation in the fields condition-based maintenance, acoustic and vibration.
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Your industry :

dB Vib Consulting is a design office that provides:

  • your measurements, studies and acoustic simulations
  • your measurements, diagnostics, studies and vibration simulations
  • inspection services for your electrical assets using infrared thermal imaging
  • diagnostic services using ultrasonic detection, ultraviolet and electrical analysis of your equipment
  • shaft alignment services and geometric control
  • your vibration and climatic tests.

dB Vib Consulting is also a training organisation in the fields of acoustics, vibrations and condition-based maintenance.

Your measurements, diagnosis and simluations in the fields of condition-based maintenance. acoustic and vibration. It is also a test laboratory and a training organisation in its expertise fields.
65 KN vibration shaker
Focus on
New 65KN vibration Shaker Sentek Dynamics

The new 65KN vibration shaker Sentek Dynamics is arrived for reinforce our vibratory testing capabilities. It takes a place next to his little brother of 60 KN, which has been running since beginning of 2015 and will start-up mid-May 2018 in order to offer the best responsiveness to our customers.

They trust us