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Environmental noise measurements
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Environmental noise measurements

Environmental noise measurements

As is it necessary to comply with the regulations in force concerning the impact of industrial noise on the environment (Order of 23 January 1997 for ICPEs (installations classified for environmental protection) and Decree no. 2006-1099 of 31 August 2006 on the fight against neighbourhood noise emissions), dB Vib Consulting conducts inspection measurements in accordance with your requirements.

As a consequence, we offer different types of measurements:

  • Sound level measurement (diurnal and/or nocturnal):
    This is used to quantify residual noise in several points (residents and property boundary) in order to determine the noise objectives to be reached.
    It is also used to quantify the noise impact of an installation (ambient noise) in order to compare the noise levels with the regulatory thresholds (emergence criterion).
  • Measurement of sound pressure or sound intensity around sources:
    This makes it possible to calculate the sound power of existing noise sources for industrial acoustic analysis and expertise.
    Regarding road traffic noise, dB Vib Consulting also conducts acoustic measurements in order to quantify the sound levels on the façade of roadside buildings which enable us to develop solutions (road screen, façade insulation, etc.) in order to reduce exposure to noise around traffic routes.

    The measurements we carry out enable us to quantify the existing acoustic status so we can develop action plans to reduce the noise and preserve the quality of the environment.

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