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Environmental tests

Environmental tests

Environmental tests are essential to determine the resistance over time of a product to environmental constraints. These tests are generally defined by national or international standards or by customer test specifications. dB Vib Consulting has equipment that is able to meet the majority of your mechanical (vibrations and shock) and thermal (thermal cycling alone and combined with vibrations) test requirements, whether for automotive, rail or aerospace applications.

We regularly implement tests according to standards NF EN 60068, IEC 61373, MIL STD 810 but also internal specifications established by PSA, Renault, NISSAN, etc.

Advice, quality service and reactivity are the guiding principles of our team of engineers and technicians who have been working in our test laboratory since 2010. We internally design and generally produce our test tools. We have machine-tools which enable us to produce or make alterations to tools to improve responsiveness.

Do not hesitate to contact us and provide us with the following information so we can confirm the suitability of our test methods:

  • The characteristics (mass, position of centre of gravity, tightening torques, etc.) and specimen planes to be tested,
  • Test methodology to apply, particularly with the vibration and/or thermal profiles, durations, etc.
  • The test acceptance criteria,
  • Additional measurements to carry out (pressure, force, power outage detection, etc.)

Each test is documented in a report containing:

  • The identification of the operators and the equipment used,
  • The identification of the specimens tested,
  • The description of the tests carried out,
  • The chronology of the tests carried out with any potential hazards,
  • The curves,
  • The results of the tests,
  • Copies of the verification reports of measuring equipment the used.

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