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industrial acoustics
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Industrial acoustics

Industrial acoustics

Regulations on noise emitted into the environment impose noise limits which must not be breached (difference in noise levels with and without the installation).

After assessing the impact of an installation on its environment, dB Vib Consulting will measure the noise sources and develop solutions to implement to reduce workers’ exposure to noise.

This acoustic assessment involves:

  • Quantification of the sound power of existing sources by measuring the sound pressure or sound intensity;
  • Modelling workshops using IMMI software and integration of existing or future noise sources in order to determine the appropriate acoustic solutions to implement

industrial acoustics

The IMMI simulation tool in an open environment takes all of the following acoustic attenuations into account:

  • geometric variation
  • air absorption
  • ground effect
  • diffraction
  • absorption by surfaces
  • meteorological conditions

Simulations of different acoustic solutions (cladding, screens, dampers, etc.) may be considered to find the best compromise between acoustic gain and cost.

industrial acoustics 2

The proposed treatment solutions are calculated by dB Vib Ingénierie in our design office, which will then install them on your site.

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