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Infrastructure measuring and monitoring
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Infrastructure measuring and monitoring

Infrastructure measuring and monitoring

Leader in the field,  we offer a system capable of measuring a multitude of physical values (noise, vibrations, deflagration, interstitial pressure, particles, etc.) from a single acquisition system.Our remote measuring and monitoring system is suitable for all your infrastructure projects.

Both rugged and autonomous, but above all remotely configurable, this systems makes it possible to install the instrumentation suitable for your project, while at the same time maintaining reliability and performance. (Instrumentation and unlimited number of measuring points and centralisation of results on secure servers).

When you entrust us with your projects, irrespective of their duration or the instrumentation to be deployed, we provide you with the number of acquisition systems and associated sensors that you require. Our teams provide their expertise in surveillance from initial inspection of the site  through to installation and configuration of the system.

We are able to define the best instrumentation to implement , but also the alert thresholds on defined parameters and thereby establish remote monitoring and surveillance from our visualisation and control centre. The system allows you to view the evolution of the measured levels in real time.

Our reports are prepared upon request after  analysis of the results  (weekly, monthly, etc.).

We ensure the maintenance and administration of the system remotely, while giving you access to the measured data (evolution of levels, events exceeding thresholds, etc.) via a secure internet site.

All the data is exported and can be accessed in real time via an integrated GPRS link. As your satisfaction is our priority, our system will offer you reliable measurements, while also integrating key French and international standards, irrespective of the environment in which you are working, and it will ensure protection of your data on secure servers.

You will also be immediately alerted if any threshold is breached (SMS, email, flashing light, etc.) and provided with full traceability of the instrumentation used. All events breaching a threshold are recorded and displayed.

Each event can then be viewed and replayed remotely. It is also possible to compare the spectrum of the event with all international standards. The whole system has low energy consumption (mains) and a long battery operating life and the possibility of using solar power.

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