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monitoring and installation of machines
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Monitoring and installation of machines

Monitoring and installation of machines

A project engineer is often faced with the issue of the impact of installing a machine on a given structure in terms of the vibration behaviour of the machine itself but also its environment (generation of vibrations and noise). We can help you de predict the dynamic behaviour of a machine on its receiving structure and assess its vibration and/or noise impact on its environment.

Depending on the configuration of the project, we can define a methodological approach adapted to each case based on the following parameters:

  • The objectives to achieve (vibration levels on a machine or on a receiving structure, noise levels in adjoining premises, etc.),
  • The receiving structure is existing or in draft form,
  • The coupling or decoupling is defined or is to be defined,
  • The choice of machine is fixed or to be decided,
  • The technical specifications and vibration excitations are communicated by the manufacturer or are not sufficient.

In practical terms, dB Vib Consulting can provide its expertise on a non-exhaustive list of the following points:

  • Definition of the objectives to achieve and/or definition of acceptable excitation enclosures to reach these objectives,
  • Characterisation of the dynamic behaviour of an existing structure for the purpose of adjusting the finite element model as well as evaluation of the coupling parameters,
  • Digital finite element modelling of an existing structure or not taking boundary condition assumptions into account (coupling, decoupling) or assessed by measurement on existing site,
  • Definition of coupling solutions,
  • Helping choose a machine according to its vibration parameters and/or vibration acceptance in factory on a test bench to obtain or validate the necessary study parameters,
  • Project management support,
  • Vibration and/or acoustic acceptance of the installation on commissioning.

Some examples of areas of application studied by dB Vib Consulting:

  • Ventilation systems installed close to sensitive premises (power plant control rooms, testing rooms, accommodation, etc.),
  • Installation of sensitive machines close to Gas Lift reciprocating compressors on an oil platform,
  • Modifications or definitions of screen receiving structures for quarries,
  • Impact assessment of diesel electricity generation units on the environment and/or premises,
  • Definition and validation of test benches,

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monitoring and installation of machines monitoring and installation of machines