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reduction of noise at the source
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Reduction of noise at the source

Reduction of noise at the source

To reduce noise at the source, it is first necessary to find the source of the noise problems on existing installations and installations in the design stage. Our experts implement curative actions following non-compliances but also during the product design and validation phases.

Generally, the noise radiated by equipment is caused by vibration excitation, which is why dB Vib Consulting offers studies taking vibration/acoustic coupling into account,

The aim of these studies is to identify the sources of generation of “disturbing” noise levels (excitation, amplification, etc.) and work on it in order to meet certain criteria (ISO standards, Customer standards, etc.). Taking your requirements and ultimate objectives into account, we carry out assessments that follow a methodological approach according to your noise problems.

For that, we have a range of tools and methods that we use:

Vibration measurements (accelerometers, etc.), acoustic measurements (microphones, intensimetry, etc.) and thermal measurements (infrared thermography)reduction of noise at the source

  • Acoustic imagery
  • Finite element modelling for mechanical aspects (NX10 Siemens)
  • Finite element modelling to assess the noise radiated by equipment subject to acoustic and vibration excitations (Virtual Lab) with a view to offering solutions. ”  Finite element modelling

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