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shaft alignment
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Shaft alignment

Shaft alignment

Now widely used in maintenance, laser shaft alignment improves service delivery in order to prevent machine down time and loss of production.

Known for its very reliable inspection and measuring systems, Easy-Laser shaft alignment systems are among the most cost-effective on market today and since 2010 we have been their exclusive distributor in France.

Used in various fields of application, the measurements carried out help to avoid premature damage to your equipment and ensure increased production time while at the same time reducing maintenance costs

Our team of experts can perform shaft alignment measurements in various fields of application:

  • Electricity generation units with alignment of generators, reducers and turbines.
  • Shipbuilding with alignment of motors, gearboxes and propeller shafts.
  • Industry with alignment of motorised pumps and fans

For most laser alignment systems, the measuring and inspection procedures are as follows:

  • Take the manufacturer’s specifications (if they exist) into account, in particular thermal expansions,
  • Enter the dimensions of the machine to inspect into the system,
  • Perform the different measurements (soft foot inspection, tolerance verification, etc.)
  • View the results and make adjustments according to requirements.

These measurements are performed for the purpose of resolving failures and preventing the premature wear of your machines, but also to reduce maintenance costs and prevent machine down time.

The Easy-Laser alignment systems used by dB Vib Consulting are also sold by dB Vib Instrumentation.

shaft alignment

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