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Test engineering

Test engineering

If the environmental test specifications are not applicable to the specimen and the intended goal is not taken into account (resistance of a connection for a specific application, etc.), a test specification needs to be adapted or a created. The team of experts at dB Vib Consulting are able to help you by:

  • Taking your issue into account in order to identify the parameters,
  • Defining a test methodology and monitoring and validation parameters,
  • Designing and manufacturing the specific test tools you require,
  • Defining the stress levels from the literature or measurements,
  • Conducting measurement campaigns on a part, vehicle or in the operating environment, both in France and abroad.
  • Conducting the tests defined and adapting the test methodology according to the results obtained.

We have the equipment for conducting mechanical stress testing (shaker, electrical and pneumatic cylinder, shock machine) and thermal testing, but also accelerometers, pressure probes, triaxial force sensors, etc

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