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Tool design and production
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Tool design and production

Tool design and production

The test tools are used to connect the tested specimen to the means of testing (shaker, climatic chamber, fixed points, etc.) and to integrate the additional measurements defined (pressurisation, tri-axial force sensors, etc.). The vibration test tools must be inert in relation to the tested specimen, which means that their dynamic behaviour must not amplify or attenuate the vibration levels injected at the anchor points. In order to benefit from our experience in the field of testing but also industrial, dB Vib Consulting designs its test tools internally using customers’ 3D models. We have the means to conduct finite element modelling to evaluate the natural tool modes before realisation.

We rely our network of sub-contractors for the production of the majority of our tools. We have internal machine tools for certain specimens and in particular for retracting the tools when mounting the specimens. We thus gain in terms of reactivity.

We are able to carry out the tool validations required before starting the tests (transfer function measurements, experimental modal analysis, etc.).


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