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diagnosis of rotating machines using vibration analysis
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Diagnosis of rotating machines using vibration analysis

Diagnosis of rotating machines using vibration analysis

Vibration analysis has become an essential tool for monitoring the condition of rotating machines, the ultimate goal of which is to eliminate curative maintenance and have longer gaps between preventive maintenance interventions. Vibration analysis provides an image of the mechanical health of rotating machinery and thereby makes it possible to detect possible malfunctioning in order to plan corrective active.

Depending on the status of your condition-based maintenance policy, our experts can offer you various solutions.

dB Vib Consulting offers:

  • Assistance with the implementation of vibration monitoring of your machinery (audit, classification of the machinery, definition of periodicity and measurement points, data base programming),
  • The collection of vibration data on site in accordance with a defined schedule,
  • Compilation and analysis of the measurement results with publishing of a measurement report.

dB Vib Consulting can therefore provide you with a complete service but also partial services as dB Vib Instrumentation sells the measuring equipment that we use to provide our services. We can therefore offer you an equipment purchasing solution with support for implementing vibration monitoring and training in collection vibration data. We can thus offer you a contract covering data analysis, diagnosis and report writing (Web diagnostic)

Remote diagnosis of critical machines

The aim of remote monitoring is monitor the vibration condition of a machine running continuously. This technology is used on critical machinery (turbo-alternators, wind turbines, etc.). The safety function, used to shut the machine down if a threshold is breached, is often featured on this type of machine but it is also useful to add a maintenance function to it for diagnosing a fault in its early stages so you can prepare better for a shut down.

We generally use existing instrumentation that we supplement with other measurement systems. This information is processed by acquisition units in line with requirements (overall vibration levels, spectra, temporal, etc.) and the vibration data is stored in a local database which can be consulted via the internet.

The advantages of setting up this type of monitoring system are:

  • The possibility of reducing the periodicity of measurements as much as possible to identify any changes in the vibration behaviour of a machine more quickly.
  • The analysis is carried out by experienced staff,
  • Responding to a concern related to insurance

Once again, the synergy between dB Vib Consulting and dB Vib Instrumentation enables us to offer you a comprehensive offer tailored to your operational context and budget.

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